The Non-Hotel Overnight Stays Increased By 7.1% In July, To 18.5 Million

1 September 2015 – Expansión

Overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodations (apartments, campsites, rural tourism and hostels) built a rise of 7.1% in July, surpassing 18.5 million, according to data released this Monday by the National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, INE).

In particular, overnight stays of residents increased by 8.7%, to over eight million, while those of foreigners rose by 5.9%, with more than 9.6 million overnight stays by residents of the European Union, excluding Spain, and 902,429 from the rest of the world. In addition, the average recorded length of stay was 5.7 nights per traveler.

From January to July, overnight stays increased by 4% compared to the same period last year. In July, overnight stays in tourist apartments grew by 6%, primarily by residents (+ 9.3% as against the same month in 2014) as opposed to non-residents (+ 4.6%) and with an average stay of 6.9 nights per traveler (-1.4%). Furthermore, the occupancy rate was 53.3% on average, 6.2% more than the sixth month of the year before, 54.6% cases being on weekends (+ 4%).

9.2% increase in campsites

In July campsites recorded 9.2% more overnight stays, 9.8% more among residents and 8.5% more among non-residents, with an occupancy of 45% (+5.5), while in weekends figure rises to 48.2%, 4.2% more.

The rural tourism surged by 11.6% in the seventh month of the year with 12.2% more guests residents and 10.3% more of the non-residents. The occupancy rate was 24.8% (+ 11.4% compared to July 2014) with 35.9% on weekends (+ 4.5%).

Regarding hostels, a rise of 12.5%, 15.6% more in residents and a 2.3% increase in non-residents, with 45,4 % occupancy in July, i.e. a 10.5% drop compared to the same month last year. On weekends, the occupancy rate was 50.1% (-9.4%).

Prices rise by 3.6%

In addition, Holiday Dwelling Price Index (HDPI)  increased by 3.6% in July. The regular rate increased by 2.5% seizing 49.8% of the month’s total.

Next in growth is Tourist Campsite Price Index (TCPI), which rose by 1% during the seventh month of the year, with the normal rate (accounting for 45.6% of this type of accommodation) 1.5% above the figure of July 2014.

On the other hand, rural tourism recorded a slight decrease of 0.1%, with -0.3% in normal rate, which represents 55.6% of the total.

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