The Market Forecasts a Massive Sale of NPLs at the End of the Year

22 April 2020 –

Axis expects to see a massive sale of non-performing loan portfolios before January 2021, since the banks will be keen to remove those assets from their balance sheets.

The consulting firm Axis Corporate predicts that, as a consequence of the impact of the global crisis caused by Covid-19, there will be a massive sale of portfolios comprising non-performed loans guaranteed by mortgages (NPLs) during the last quarter of 2020 in the real estate sector.

According to José Masip, a Real Estate Partner at Axis Corporate, “in this scenario, two ingredients are coming together in the face of uncertainty: buyers who, in the context of this new shock environment, may or may not see the market uncertainty as an opportunity, and sellers who are not willing to modify prices and who are able to evaluate the best option within their ‘possibilities’.

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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake