The Government Lifts the Veto on Construction Work in Buildings with Residents

3 May 2020 –

The Ministry of Health is partially lifting the prohibition over the performance of non-emergency building work in both residential and commercial properties.

The Government is going to allow construction work to be carried out in buildings inhabited by residents. That is reflected in Order SND / 385/2020 issued by the Ministry of Health in the Official State Gazette published in an extraordinary way on Sunday.

“In order to limit the concentration of people in buildings where work is being carried out, and where construction workers have to share certain common spaces with the residents and other users, order SND / 340/2020 dated 12 April was approved. It suspends certain activities relating to intervention work in existing buildings where there is a risk of contagion by Covid-19. The evolution of the health crisis is forcing the adaptation of the measures adopted and in this framework, the Order must be amended to include, within the works excepted from the suspension, those carried out in premises, homes or other specific areas of an uninhabited building or areas to which residents do not have access for the duration of the work, provided that the conditions established in this order are met”, states the decree.

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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake