The Future of Seventy Plots of Land in Central Málaga Unblocked Today After Failure of “Technocasas”

7 August 2018

The City Council and the Board will meet to distribute payments and land through an agreement that must be ratified by the regional administrations.

In the totality of the rehabilitation and construction of new buildings in Málaga’s historic centre throughout the boom in tourist accommodations and the recovery of the real estate market after the worst years of the financial crisis, there remains the unresolved question of seventy vacant plots of land and buildings. The properties were set aside 15 years ago by the City Council and the Regional Government of Andalusia to be used in a plan involving ‘technocasas’, rental housing targeting home-office workers. Five years ago, the Ministry of Development and Housing, run by Izquierda Unida at the time, opted to renounce the project as unfeasible.

More than two years ago, in May 2016, the Consistory and the Andalusian Government agreed to divide the lots, liquidate any pending financial committments from their expropriation and allow private initiative to decide on a use for some of the lots. In April, answering questions by the parliamentarian Mariví Romero (PP), the counsellor for Development, Felipe Lopez, announced that the situation would be resolved “in a few days.” However, a few bureaucratic procedures must still be resolved before the situation is, in fact, resolved, though decisive steps are expected today.

The areas included

San Felipe Neri – Plot of land and unoccupied buildings in Alta, Parras, Chinchilla (links Alta street with the church of San Felipe Neri) and Dos Aceras (stretch between Guerrero and Gaona streets) streets.

Lagunillas – Plot of land and vacant buildings in the sector bounded by Ana Bernal, Lagunillas, Esperanza, Agustín Moreto and Victoria streets.

Cobertizo del Conde – Plot of land and unoccupied buildings in the Cobertizo del Conde, Poeta Luque Gutiérrez and Gómez Salazar streets.

Rosal Blanco, Álvarez and Ermitaño – Plot of land and unoccupied buildings located behind the convent of Mercedarias, in the neighbourhood of El Molinillo.

Pasaje Meléndez Passage and calle Cabello – Plot of land and unoccupied buildings next to Calle Ollerías.

Gigantes – Plot of land and empty buildings at the back of Carretería Street, including Grama Street.

Ñuño Gómez – Plot of land and empty buildings between Nuño Gómez and Biedmas streets.

It is the end result of a commission to monitor the technocasas compact, which involved parties responsible for urban planning and housing of the two administrations to come to an agreement regarding the distribution of land and economic obligations and housing development to be assumed by the City Council and the Andalusian Government to liquidate the matter. The conclusion of the commission is the necessary procedure so that the case, with the resolution document of the original technocasas agreement, signed in 2005, can be sent to the legal office of the Regional Government of Andalusia for final approval. When will that definitive ratification arrive and free up the lots? Sources at the regional administration consulted by this newspaper stated that it should is not expected to take too long, because it is an issue that is already extensively analysed.


Under the terms of the agreement reached between the City Council and the Board on the issue, the Consistory would pay a total of 2.5 million euros to the Board for the purchase of various plots for road and equipment, including the birthplace of Canovas del Castillo (valued at 645,831 euros) and the land on Dos Aceras street in which a citizen centre was built (valued at 437,036 euros). Of that amount, 942,436 euros would be used to pay expropriations of the ‘technocasas’ plan that private individuals have yet to receive.

AVRA, in turn, would yield to the City Council land to build a total of 104 subsidised homes on Lagunillas street and 32 on Gigantes street. The 42 homes planned in the plots on Alta and Parras streets would be developed by the Board. The rest of the lands would be left unattended, in the hands of their owners, or they would be used by the regional Administration for the development of subsidised homes if their expropriation ends.

The construction of VPO is planned for the Lagunillas, Gigantes, Alta and Parras streets

During his appearance last April, the Minister of Development and Housing recalled that the Andalusian Government would develop 28 homes on land on Parras street and 16 in a multi-family home on Curadero street, involving an investment of more than three million euros.

However, the resolution of the ‘technocasas’ agreement is still pending, which, as this newspaper reported (see SUR 30/7/2018), is also impeding the new road connecting the Victoria and Lagunillas streets.

Original Story: Diário Sur – Jesús Hinojosa

Foto: Sur

Translation: Richard Turner