Testa Residencial Debuts on the MAB with a Share Price Rise of 1.44%

26 July 2018 – La Información

The shares of Testa Residencial have made their conclusive debut on the Alternative Investment Market (MAB) with a rise of 1.44% to €14.10 per share. The Socimi made its stock market debut at a price of €13.86 per share, which meant that the company became the second largest on the MAB by trading value, exceeding even some of the entities listed on the Ibex such as Indra and DIA.

The Board of Directors had established a reference price for its shares of €6, which represented a market valuation for the company as a whole of €204 million. The company’s trading code is going to be “YCPS”, Renta 4 Corporate is the Registered Advisor and Renta 4 Banco is acting as the Liquidity Provider.

Testa Residencial is the leading private company in the residential rental market in Spain (excluding portfolios owned by financial institutions). It is owned by Santander (36.8%), BBVA (25.6%), Acciona (20%) and Merlin Properties (17%).

The Socimi operates in the residential segment in Spain and has a portfolio comprising more than 10,000 homes. Its assets are primarily located in Madrid, although it also has a presence in San Sebastián, Barcelona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. Its properties were valued at €2.276 billion by Savills Aguirre Newman at the end of 2017 and the majority of them, 77.5% of the GAV, are located in premium locations.

In addition, over the last year, the combined value of its properties has increased by almost €73 million, according to the latest data.

Testa had initially planned to make its IPO on the main stock market in June this year. The rental home Socimi wanted to make its debut through a public share sale offer (OPV) and a public subscription offer (OPS) of new shares, the latter for €130 million, both aimed at institutional investors. In the end, in light of the political situation, the firm in which Merlin Properties holds a stake decided to delay its debut until now and change its course towards the Alternative Investment Market.

Original story: La Información 

Translation: Carmel Drake