Témpore Cut its Losses by 46% in 2018

27 February 2019 – Europa Press

Témpore, the rental home Socimi constituted by Sareb to provide an outlet for its residential portfolio, closed 2018 with a net loss of -€384,394. That figure represents a 46% reduction in the losses recorded a year earlier, according to reports from the firm, which is listed on the MAB.

The result also improves on the forecasts set out by the company in its listing prospectus by 13%.

Témpore’s portfolio of 2,249 homes and parking spaces generated revenues from rental income of €7.3 million last year, up by 1.3%, thanks to the renewal of contracts and the consequent increase in rents.

The increase in the firm’s housing stock, through a contribution from Sareb by a non-monetary capital increase, did not have any impact on last year’s accounts because it was not closed until the end of the period.

Nevertheless, it allowed Témpore to close the year with assets worth €339 million, a figure that almost doubles (+93%) the volume in the year of its constitution and, which, according to its data, consolidates the firm’s position as the third largest rental home company in the country.

Higher rents, lower defaults

In operational terms, the Socimi managed to reduce the default rate of its tenants to 4%, compared with 5.5% at the end of 2017.

Moreover, it achieved an average increase in rental prices of 12% for the new contracts it signed and its contract renewals (…).

Original story: Europa Press 

Translation: Carmel Drake