Tecnitasa Purchases Tasaciones Andaluzas From Unicaja

05/08/2014 – Expansión

The company Técnicos en Tasación (known as Tecnitasa) has acquired 100% of the share capital of Tasaciones Andaluzas (Tasa) which up to now belonged to Unicaja. The transaction, the amount of which has not been disclosed, has been carried out with equity.

Tecnitasa, which has 47 branches in Spain and is the third largest operator in the sector, already acquired the company Servicios Vascos de Tasaciones (Servatas) from Kutxabank two years ago.

The company asserts that this acquisition forms part of its strategic growth strategy, acquiring companies with which it achieves clear synergies and geographic positioning.

Andalusian business

The current president of Tecnitasa, José María Basañez, who will also hold the same role in the acquired company, states that the objective is to “maintain Tasa’s position as a key player in the property valuation sector in Andalusia”. The acquired firm will maintain its central offices in Malaga and will continue to focus its activity in this Autonomous Region.

“Gradually the technical criteria, IT resources and general services of both companies will be integrated”, explains the president of the firm in a statement.

Tecnitasa closed its last fiscal year with revenue of over 15 million euros. In addition to its latest acquisitions in Spain, in 2012 it completed the purchase in Mexico of the company Unidad de Valuación Tasvalúo. Founded in 1985, Tecnitasa currently carries out around 40,000 valuations each year. The company is controlled by a group of private investors, its president being one of them.

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