Sustainability: Colonial is a European Leader in ESG-Responsible Investment

16 January 2020 – El Confidencial

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Review 2018, socially responsible investments, i.e. those that take into account ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, have grown by 34% globally over the last 2 years to reach a total of USD 30.7 billion.

In Spain, the Socimi Colonial is leading the charge. Its ESG policy is one of the fundamental pillars of its corporate growth plan and of its ability to create value for its shareholders. In its strategic plan for 2018-2020, the real estate company led by Juan José Brugera and Pere Viñolas proposes 64 actions across the three ESG axes.

According to its directors, Colonial has a long term strategy, focusing on high-quality and low-risk investments that generate attractive returns for investors. In terms of ESG, this means that it constructs eco-efficient buildings with a minimal environmental impact. Moreover, it dedicates resources to monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of its portfolio. In fact, 91% of its office portfolio has been awarded the maximum Breeam or Leed certifications, which is no mean feat given that the company has more than 100 office buildings in its portfolio spanning more than 1.7 million m2.

In addition, 75% of Colonial’s buildings are located in high profile areas of cities, given that it considers that the sustainability of a building should also reflect the carbon footprint associated with accessing it. Finally, it also operates a pioneering digital tool to maximise energy efficiency on a daily basis, known as the Building Management System, which allows clients (tenants) to control and improve their energy consumption.

By way of example, Colonial’s Parc Glòries office building in Barcelona, which spans 24,000 m2, was the first in Spain to receive the Platinum Leed certificate in 2018. It has subsequently been joined by several of Colonial’s buildings in Madrid, including those on Don Ramón de la Cruz, 82, the Discovery Building and on Josefa Valcárcel, 40. Food for thought for many of the other players in the real estate sector.

Original Story: El Confidencial

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake