Step Closer to New Block in Madrid Rio

22/01/2014 – El Mundo

The new block in Madrid Rio lacks only one administrative step to be start the building works off. The Housing and Town Planning commission agreed to take the project to the Plenary Session of Madrid City Council to obtain a final approval on the Special Plan to develop a large parcel on the Antonio López Street, on the bank of the Manzanares River, in front of the Matadero.

The complex will have a 50.900 square meter developable space, where a 27-floor hotel, a shopping center and spaces open to the public will be built. On the financial side, the project will be supported by Hypotheken Bank (…).

Previously, the parcel of 20.921 square meters has been used as a tip in respect of work on the M-30 highway and currently is squandered. (…). The investment is supposed to encourage the economy revival, especially in Usera, Carabanchel and Arganzuela districts, let alone the center of Madrid.

(…) The obligation to convert at least 10% of the developable area into the hotel has been removed, however it cannot overcome 25% top. (…) The 27-store building might be up to 90 meters tall. (…)

The ground floor, looking out on the Manzanares Avenue will be below the Antonio López Street level, where shops and restaurants are said to occupy less than a half of total space and they will be open to a square of two levels connected by a staircase. (…).

The project includes connection shafts with the Manzanares: a pedestrian one along the Matilde Gallo Street, other through a green area that will be created adjacenty to the Eugenio Caxes Street, and the third from the San Zacarías Street.

Moreover, the subject area will be provided with sustainability measures, like the use of renewable energy, isolative construction solutions, the intelligent control and regulation of illumination and the water use optimizing. Also, construction of 1.500 parking spaces is being considered.

Original article: El Mundo (Marta Belver)

Translation: AURA REE