ST: House Prices Rose by 9% in Madrid & 7.8% in Cataluña in 2018

7 April 2019 – Público

According to the “House Market Study in the Community of Madrid and Cataluña” report published by Sociedad de Tasación, house prices rose by 9% in Madrid and by 7.8% in Cataluña in 2018.

Specifically, Madrid recorded the second highest increase in house prices of all the autonomous regions in 2018, with the average price reaching €2,389/m2.

Meanwhile, Cataluña, which registered the third highest rise in house prices, saw its average price increase to €2,297/m2.

The average increase for the country as a whole was 5.5%, with the highest average price rise observed in the Balearic Islands.

Original story: Público 

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake