The Spanish Government Owns Over 12.000 Properties

12/12/2014 –

Creation of a transparency web site ( gives any citizen an access to information about the properties in hands of the Public Administration. Governmental Real Estate totals at 12.038 units, with the Ministry of Public Works owning 2.831 properties, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs disposing of 2.721.

It appears that among the units belonging to the Public Works there are buildings of port authorities in various provinces of Spain. There are also headquarters of Guardia Civil (Spanish military police, one of the buildings pictured) and some police properties of the Home Office. Among the real estate of Defence, noteworthy are the Housing and Infrastructure Departments and its equipment storage buildings, all amassing to 1.925 units. Finally, when it comes to the Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Ministry owns 1.844 properties.


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Translation: AURA REE