The Spanish bad bank meets with U.S. investors.

Spanish companies and banks land today in the Nasdaq headquarters in New York City. The Spain Economic Forum takes place there in order to “provide relevant information on the current economic situation in Spain and the forecast for the next few years” which, according to the last figures provided by the Government, do not show a very bright scenario.

With this background the first speech, given by José Luis Malo de Molina, general director of the Service of Studies of the Bank of Spain, will analyze the economic foundations, the future forecasts and the impact of the recent reforms.

Later, it will be the turn of business sector, which will give a “C-level vision”, that is, a perspective of the executive C-level, an expression which refers to those on a chief level in a company, the CEO, the CFO, the CIO and the COO.

Among others, the high commissioner of the government for the Trademark Spain, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, Arturo Gonzalo, director of corporate relations at Repsol, the executive vice president of Dragados in USA, Christopher Ward and José Luis Zoreda, managing director of Exceltur will participate in this talk.

The banking sector will have its turn after the companies, with a speech titled “Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?” by Marta Gómez, in charge of relations with investors at the bad bank; Jordi Gual, chief economist at CaixaBank; Fernando Pérez-Hickman, deputy general director at Banco Sabadell and Jaime Becerril, analyst of European banks at JPMOrgan. Belén Romana, president of Sareb, cancelled her attendance at the last minute.

The programme will end with the conference “Made in Spain” which will be about Spanish entrepreneurs, the opportunities and challenges they face and the situation of R&D. The managing director of Pixable, Iñaki Berenguer, the product management director of Google, Bernardo Hernández, and the executive vice president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, will participate.

Michael Bloomberg, major of New York, will finally provide “an important assessment on the current status and future of the Spanish economy.

Source: Expansión