Spain’s First Listing Sponsor is Launched: Armanext

17 April 2018 – Eje Prime

From the Alternative Investment Market to Euronext. Some of the team members from Armabex, the company that specialises in the incorporation of Socimis onto the MAB, have joined forces for the launch of Armanext, the first listing sponsor (registered advisor) in Spain authorised by the leading stock market in the Eurozone, Euronext, which integrates the stock markets in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Dublin.

The company is going to be able to advise, supervise and coordinate the admission of Socimis and SMEs onto the following markets: Euronext Access Paris, Euronext Access Lisbon, Euronext Growth Paris and Euronext Growth Lisbon. The companies that start trading on Euronext will have access to a market comprising around 1,300 companies and more than 5,000 investors around the world.

“From now on, Spanish Socimis are going to be able to comply with the requirement to be listed on an organised market such as the main Euronext market or on a Multi-lateral Trading System such as the Euronext Access and Euronext Growth markets, as permitted by the regulations”. “The pan-European stock market allows companies to opt for more flexible (financing) conditions adapted to suit family groups and SMEs, which require the intervention of an authorised listing sponsor (…)”.

Armanext is going to be led by Antonio Fernández, President of Armabex, Ana Hernández and Rafael Núñez. Hernández will provide experience in the securities and Socimi markets, whilst Núñez has a well-established track record in tax matters and business restructurings, gained during his time as a partner of two Spanish audit firms.

In September last year, Euronext opened offices in Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland with the aim of helping SMEs in those countries to develop their businesses on a larger scale through the securities markets.

Since then, several Spanish and European companies have expressed their interest in listing on Euronext and entering the Pan-European market. In the last month alone, two new companies joined Euronext from outside their domestic markets. On the one hand, the British pharmaceutical company Acacia Pharma made its debut on the Euronext Growth in Brussels whilst, on the other hand, the Italian company specialising in dental technology MediaLab started trading its shares on the Euronext Access market in Paris.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake