Spain Will Have Almost 27,000 Square Metres Of Shopping Centres By The Close Of 2014

18/08/2014 –  Mislocales

In the third quarter of the year, work will start on the extension of the Roca Village shopping, property of Value Retail, which will add 6,500 square metres of GLA to its total surface area, and on that of the Puerta de Chiclana shopping centre, which will add 4,395 square metres of GLA to its current area, while SagunCenter will begin its second phase of construction, which has 16,000 metres square.

Added to this are the three new shopping centres which have opened their doors this year – El Nevero, located in Badajoz and which has a GLA of 10,000 metres square; la Ciudad de la Imagen, in Seville, with 21,500 metres square of GLA and the Ikea Parc de Alfafar (Valencia), which has 37,300 metres square of GLA.

In the next two years there are, at least, sixteen new shopping centres expected to open their doors in the Spanish market. All of them will add more than 500,000 square metres of GLA to the current shopping centre space, which at the end of 2013 represented a total of 15.29 million square metres, according to data from the Spanish Association of Shopping Centres (AECC).


Original article: Mislocales
Translation: Aura REE