Spain Is In The TOP 30 Of Largest Economies By Manufacturing …

2 September 2015 – Mis Naves

Spain is in the TOP 30 of largest economies by manufacturing output according to Cushman & Wakefield

Spain is ranked 26th among countries with the largest industrial output, according to the index developed by the international property consultant Cushman & Wakefield.

According to a report by real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, Spain is in the TOP 30 of countries with the biggest industrial expenditures. The ranking is again headed by Malaysia and Taiwan, which retain the first and second places respectively, but the rest of the TOP 5 has noted changes, with the ascent of China to the third place and that of the United States to the fourth, while Korea slipped to the fifth.

Report addresses changes in the industry classifying the top 30 countries of the world by factory location, in addition to the fifteen states showing strongest growth in the last year. In developing the ranking they take into account parameters such as talent, access to the markets and sustainability, among others.

In a second ranking, with a focus on cost savings, but with more emphasis on the operating conditions, Spain steps up to the 17th position.

Although Asia remains the leading region in the TOP 10, where it holds 7 positions, rising in  ranking of the United States, Turkey, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland and Germany reveal a new trend in the industrial market.

As to the falls, they include that of Thailand, having lost five positions and dropping out from the TOP 5 to the ninth place; Russia, which recedes 9 positions falling down to 16th; Switzerland, losing 6 and ending up in 18th place, and Venezuela, going down 10 steps to 24th place.

Among other Latin American countries occupying positions in the TOP 30 are: Mexico, at 14th after losing four positions; Brazil, on the 20th after climbing 3 steps and Argentina, in the 22nd position after losing one.

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