Spain is the country within the Eurozone where property prices fall the most

Spain is the country within the Eurozone where properties depreciated more in the second quarter of 2013. They fell 10,6%, much more than Holland (-7,5%) and France (-5,9%), who are the next ones on the list. According to Eurostat figures, the average price of homes in the Eurozone dropped by 2,2%.

Outside the Eurozone, but inside the European Union, there is a country whose real estate sector suffered more than the Spanish one: Croatia. The price of properties in the Balkan country dropped an annual 19,7%. Out of the 28 members of the UE, 10 continue to be in real estate recession and 12 had increases. The highest increases in property prices were in Latvia (8,8%), Estonia (8,1%) and Luxemburg (5,1%).

The highest quarterly increases were in  Latvia (5,1%), Estonia (3,7%) and Denmark (3,1%), and the greatest descents in Croatia (-6,5%) and Holland (-2,0%). Spain registered a descent of 0,8% in reference to the first quarter.

There are signs of stabilization of the residential market in the United Kingdom, as the prices, which were rising at 2%, have now climbed to 2,9%. (…)