The Socimi Promorent Being Sold on MAB for 1.45 Euros per Share

The Socimi Promorent´s price on the MAB (Alternative Stock Market) today is 1.45 Euros per asset. It is the second Reit company debuting on the market, after Socimi Entrecampos which was first launched on November 28th.

Promorent Socimi S.A. was established in 2012 and it belongs to the family group Pavón Olid, an old shareholder of the companies such as: Cambios Sol (now called Money Gram), Sol Telecom and a tourist bus Madrid Vision firm, Sol Open Tour, and is estimated to be worth between 5.1 and 6.5 million Euros.

Jose Pavón Olid is a shareholder of a patrimonial company, Marqués de Arlabán, situated in Madrid. He is the only administrative of many firms, among which Minas Paramesa that extracts clay and gravel, to be highlighted; Checkpoint Sol Seis, a monetary intermediation company; a cosmetics´firm Dermocosmética Gramjeña, company Aval Plus and real estate property.

The property of Promorent constitutes houses, commercial locals and building lands. The registered advisor that serves the company is Armabex Asesores Registrados and the office, Ashurst, the group set up by  Ismael Fernández Antón, the real estate partner; Javier Hernández Galante, the fiscal partner and Javier Mateos, the senior banking partner. The liquidity provider is Cortal Consors, from the BNP Group.


Source: Expansión