Signs of a Slowdown Arise in Barcelona

1 July 2019 – Richard D. K. Turner

After years of sequential, significant increases, the residential housing market rose by a mere 1.6% in Barcelona, over a period of twelve 12 months. The same figure for the first two quarters of the year reached -1.7% q-o-q, according to Tinsa, as prices began to fall at the end of last year.  

Residential housing prices fell by 2.6% y-o-y in the Ciutat Vella, the historic centre of Barcelona. Moreover, while not a single district in Barcelona saw growth in excess of 10%, the highest growth came in peripheral areas of the city. A similar tendency was evident in Madrid, where peripheral areas also saw significant growth.

The city of Salamanca, on the other hand, saw growth of 11% last year, bringing the average price of finished housing (new and used) to 5,161 euros per square meter, the only district of the five major Spanish capitals with prices above 5,000 euros. In Valencia, almost half of the districts recorded increases of more than 10%.

Original Story: El Confidencial – E. Sanz