Servihabitat Hires Two New Executives: Rato & Cortina

19/03/2014 – Expansion

CaixaBank is soon going to welcome Amparo Moraleda in its managing board, where she will replace Susana Gallardo. At the moment, Moraleda chairs Sistemas y Servicios de Iluminación Eficiente (SSIE). Additionally, she is a member of several listed companies´administrations, such as Corporación Alba, Meliá Hoteles or Alstom.

Moreover, Servihabitat Servicios Inmobiliarios (the bank´s asset managing firm) has hired Rodrigo Rato and Alfonso Cortina as directors in newly formed administrative board. The ex-director of Bankia and the former chairman of Repsol will enter Servihabitat on the motion of TPG that bought 51% of the real estate company last summer.

The purchase contract granted four seats in the managing board to the U.S. fund and three to CaixaBank. The eighth, chief executive, is taken by Julián Cabanillas.

When it comes to TPG, apart from Rata and Cortina, two other executives have been incorporated in the fund: Michael Muscolino (a partner from London) and Fernando Magnet O’Dogherty.

The three seats in CaixaBank are taken by Antonio Cayuela, Ramón Noguera (responsible for Building Center) and Lluis Vendrell. (…).

Original article: Expansión (S. Saborit/J. Orihuel)

Translation: AURA REE