Sareb´s Managing Board Earns €1.43 MN in 2013

11/04/2014 – Expansion

The administrative board of Sareb received total renumeration of €1.435 million, according to data provided by the bad bank to corporate governance.  Its chairwoman, Belén Romana, was paid €295.000, by 40.8% less than the maximum permitted amount (€500.000 annualy). Walter de Luna, the ex CEO, earned €385.000, by 23% less than the maximum.

The report states that Rodolfo Martín Villa, Remigio Iglesias, Javier Trillo and Celestino Pardo received payments correspondent to their office. In regard to renumeration of the 11 highest executives at the end of 2013, they jointly received €2.023 million.



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