Sareb signs up its directors of operations and audit.

The bad bank (Sareb) has speeded up the hiring of executives and is working on the signing up of its two main executives: Alfredo Guitart, general director for Means and Operations; and Orlando García, as general director of Internal Audit. No comments have been made from Sareb on these two appointments.

Guitart comes from Ono, where he met Belén Romana, president of Sareb, and was in charge of the internal audit. Romana was in the telecommunications company from 2008 to 2010, managing the strategy and operative control of the group.

García arrives to the bad bank after a long experience in the financial sector. He started at Banco Exterior and Argentaria, as director of internal audit. He was director of Strategy, Regulatory Compliance and Internal Control at BBVA, and was a member of the Board of Directors of Uno-e and Dinero Express. After his exit from the bank presided by Francisco González, in 2006, he joined Governanza Consulting as a managing partner. He represents the Restructuring Fund (Frob) in the Board of Directors of Catalunya Banc since 2011.

After these two signing ups, the bad bank still has to make some of its main appointments: asset management, financial, legal and risks.

Sareb started on the first of January with only six employees, opposite to the hundred professionals it will need to have once the asset management company is set up.

Romana´s number two is Walter de Luna, who was in charge of ING Real Estate in Spain and Portugal until two months ago.

Last December, Sareb also appointed Oscar García Maceiras as secretary. He was adviser-secretary of Banco Pastor and director of institutional legal advise of Banco Popular.

Source: Expansión