Sareb Sells Former Barracks in Es Castell to the Local Government for €2.4M

25 October 2018 – Menorca Info

The Govern, Consell and Town Hall of Es Castell have closed an agreement to purchase the barracks in Plaça Esplanada de Es Castell, Duque de Crillón and Conde Cifuentes. According to reports on Thursday, the payment will be made during the first quarter of next year.

On Tuesday, Sareb, the owner of the properties, confirmed that it was going to accept the economic offer from the Govern, which amounts to €2.4 million. Of that amount, €420,000 will be contributed by the Town Hall of Es Castell, €1 million by the Consell of Menorca, and the remaining €1 million by the Govern.

The agreement specifies that the barracks will be intended for public use given their high historical, heritage and landscape value. The initial plan is for the Govern to carry out the purchase of the warehouses directly from Sareb, to avoid them being used for other purposes.

The executive has already made a provision in the budget for 2019 for the acquisition of this infrastructure.

Ownership of Duque de Crillon will pass to the Town Hall of Es Castell, whilst Conde Cifuentes will be jointly owned by the Govern and the Consell.

Both barracks will be used for public facilities and administrative uses.

Moreover, the agreement provides for the creation of a Monitoring Committee to monitor and control the execution of the commitments made by each institution.

In November, a document will be formalised to sign the agreement and it will be signed before the end of the year. During the first quarter of 2019, the purchase file will be executed and the acquisition will be formalised.

Original story: Menorca Info

Translation: Carmel Drake