SAREB´s New RE Website

SAREB has recently launched a new Real Estate webpage in order to provide details about its properties as an incentive dictated by sales strategy. In this public website, one may find a wide range of non-residential assets for sale or for rent by province with precise information about land, rural land, hotels, offices, warehouses and retail sales.  The webpage does not include residential properties, as they are published in their partners. A summary table including number of assets is presented below:


We can highlight the large amount of urban land available for investors as 85% of the portfolio is of this type; they are mostly located in Barcelona (64 plots), Castellon (45 plots) and Madrid (33 plots). A Plot Alicante worth more than €11 million deserves attention.

If it comes to non-urban land, there are 36 assets. A vast majority of them originate from the Harvest Portfolio. Hotels to be highlighted are Parque Central in Valencia and Benidorm Inn.

Sareb has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. One of the offices worth €3,1 million is located in Alcobendas (Madrid) and the other one in Valencia being sold for €3,4 million.

In regard to industrial property, Sareb published data about 7 warehouses. Commercial properties come in last position as there are only 5 units offered. It is worth to mention the Cines Cristal building in Madrid for €8 million.

As a new formula, also individuals may sign up as potential sellers of the bad bank´s assets, as a hope to broaden Sareb’s commercialization channels. Every commercial agent have the chance to become a sales representative of Sareb. For more information you can visit: