Sareb launches a portfolio with luxury villas of more than three million Euros.

The bad bank launches a new project, called “Paramount”, made of properties that because of their size, location, quality and, above all price, target a very exclusive segment of the population. It is made of 35 properties scattered throughout Madrid, Barcelona, Costa del Sol, the Mediterranean coast or the Balearic islands, with a joint value of 38 million Euros. (…)

The catalogue includes several properties that exceed three million Euros, although there are some slightly below half a million Euros, and plots of up to 330.000 square meters.

The highest valued property (3,150 million Euros) is located in Tarragona and was originally designed to be a four star hotel, with 15 rooms, meeting rooms, courts, swimming pools, playground for children or an open air bar.

The portfolio contains 12 properties valued in more than one million Euros, 10 of which are located in Mallorca. This portfolio is targeted at individual clients with a high purchasing power instead of wholesale profiles or investment funds.