Sareb to Grant 600 Affordable Renting Houses to Catalonia

3/02/2013 – Finanzas

600 out of the 2.000 dwellings that Sareb will make available to autonomous communities for renting at affordable prices will be given to Catalonia, according to the news brought about by Belen Romana, the bad bank´s chairwoman.

In her speech before the Parliament, sha explained that Sareb has got a mandate to manage and commercialize the real estate assets transferred to it from the bailed-out bank in the long term of maximum 15 years. (…).

She reminded, in this regard, that the administrative board of the company agreed upon postponing the sales of about 2.000 houses to grant them to the autonomous communities to let them out for rent in terms of the social housing programmes. (…).

Romana also pointed out that in the Region of Catalonia only, the bad bank supported refinancing of 130 companies and has signed 200 credit lendings.

Original article: Finanzas

Translation: AURA REE