Sareb & Caixabank Reduce by 71 Million Euros Price of Assets Preceding from The Bank of Valencia

Sareb and Caixabank gave the Bank of Valencia a 71 million Euro discount at the sale of assets. The assets value, once modified, fell down to 1.889,9 millons.

Sareb informed the Spanish National Stock Market Commission (CNMV) that last Friday the quoted contract was corrected. Caixabank has been subrogated in all the rights and obligations of the Bank of Valencia for universal succession by virtue of the fusion by absorption of the first by the second.

The total amount of the assets in correction rised up to 71,7 million Euros. (…) The amount of the assets preceding from the Bank of Valencia, once conducted with the present correction, rises up to 1.889,9 million Euros.

Sareb also points out that last Friday the correction via partial early amortization was made  effective, on the part of Sareb, senior bonds: 215 certified as 2012-1, 322 as 2012-2 and 179 as 2012-3. (…)

The paid coupon calculation was conducted in cash for each series of the bonds and interest rate of the payment was calculated to compensate Sareb the disbursement made.

Source: EuropaPress