Sareb Assigns Alfredo Guitart to Coordinate Freshly Established Transformation Office

28/11/2014 – Spanish Real Estate

Spain’s bad bank Sareb has managed to reinforce its structure before new managers start servicing its portfolio in 2015, once Project Ibero awarded. In order to ensure orderly portfolio transfer and adequate transition from old to new administrators, the company chaired by Belen Romana (pictured) has created a department which will be responsible for cooperation with outgoing and incoming managers, as well as with its own experts. The new team’s task will be ‘to lead, to coordinate and to supervise the challenges they are going to face’.

Alfredo Guitart was handed over management of the new Transformation Coordination department. Prior to taking the position, he was handling the Corporate Resources. In the new office, Mr. Guitart will orchestrate co-working with each of the parties, as well as initiatives for meeting the technological and operating services requirements stated in the Ibero asset management auction’s underlying principles.

At the same time, Sareb assigned Idoia Maguregui as the new Corporative Resources head. Prior to joining Sareb, the specialist held an office of Media general director at NCG Banco and of CEO and advisor at GNEIS Global Services, a transaction and technology firm of Bankinter.


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