Sales at Shopping Centres Up By 1.3% in 2018, Driven by Cosmetics and Sporting Goods

6 February 2019

The turnover at fashion and accessories stores fell by 0.5% last year due to climate changes and the companies’ commitment to online fashion.

The turnover of shopping centres is increasing. Sales at large stores increased by 1.3% in 2018, boosted by a rebound in cosmetics and sporting goods. On the other hand, sales of fashion and accessories retreated last year, posting a 0.5% drop in turnover.

Turnover at cosmetics and sporting goods stores increased by 5.6% and 4.4%, respectively. Growth in the two sectors allowed shopping centres to offset the 0.5% decrease in sales by fashion and accessories stores, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s index of comparable sales at shopping centres.

2018 brought an end to a series of positive results for the fashion and accessories sector over the last few years, despite an increase of 5.3% in the fourth quarter. Climate changes and increasing investments in online sales largely account for the declines.

Sporting goods stores posted a 4.4% increase in sales in 2018

On the other hand, sporting goods stores posted a 4.4% rise in turnover in a year marked by alterations to store concepts and operators’ strategies, with an increased focus on the footwear and casual fashion segments. Also, the increase in 2018 exceeded those of 2017 and 2016 (1.1% and 1.4%, respectively).

Meanwhile, cosmetics and perfumes saw a breakthrough in 2018, with a 5.6% rise in turnover. Also, these stores combined participation in total turnover at shopping centres managed or marketed by Cushman & Wakefield has grown 1.5 points since 2014.

Original Story: EjePrime

Translation: Richard Turner