The sale of properties dropped by 12,6% in March.

If these figures are compared to the ones in February, the descent is much sharper, of 37,8%, the most abrupt descent in the last five years. This great variation is caused by the fact that in January and February sales in 2012 were still being recorded, when the reduced VAT for homes and the tax benefits were still in place (something which boosted sales at the end of year, but was eliminated in 2013).

87,5% of the sales are for free properties, while 12,5% are for state subsidized ones. In annual terms, the number of free properties sold decreased by 12%, while the percentage of reduction was of 16,3% for the subsidized ones.

47,8% of these homes are new and 52,2% are second hand ones. (…)

In total, the number of properties that were sold in March reached 127.526, which means a 12,8% less that in March 2012 and 15,2% less that the figure in February.

Source: Expansión