The sale of homes increases by 10,8% in April.

Monthly (from April to March) it is an increase of 6,8%, which means 2,6 points more than that of last year, and the highest in the last five years. The rise in April takes place after the purchase of homes  dropped more than 12% annually in March and reached its lowest figure in nearly one year, with just 22.000 operations.

Before that, in December 2012 and January and February 2013 the sale of homes had experienced  annual increases due to the end of tax benefits for the acquisition of homes since January 1st, 2013.

The gap in the Registry entries (these are operations that were closed a few months ago) could be behind those advances. 90% of the transferred homes in April were free and 10% were subsidized. In annual terms, the number of free homes transferred by sale increases by 12,7%, while that of the subsidized ones decreases by 3,3%.

On the other hand, 43,4% of the properties were new and 56,6% second hand ones. As for the figures by regions, the Canary Islands and Murcia were those with the highest increase in sales: The Canary Islands (64,6%) and Murcia (48,3%). Those with the highest decreases were Asturias (-22,1%), Basque Country (-21,8%) and Navarra (-18,2%).


Source: Expansión