Sabadell & DHL Prepare a Logistic Hub For L´Oréal

11/03/2014 – Expansion

 Sources point out that this is one of the greatest operations conducted in Spain within last years. Solvia, Sabadell´s real estate company, together with DHL are at the verge of finalizing creation of a large logistic center for L´Oréal. The signed agreement states that the bank shall lease 81.000 square meter parcel in Quer (Guadalajara) and an industrial building of 24.000 square meters that will be expanded by 40.000 m2 in forthcoming months. Main purpose for the center will be storage of the multinational French cosmetics company´s stock, however serving to other firms is not ruled out.

Moreover, L´Oréal pledged to lease the object for 10 following years and to name DHL as organizator and distributor for its products.

For Sabadell, renting the 81.000 m2 allows it to give way out to two huge pieces of land, an asset that is rather unwanted among banks. (…). They, together with the industrial building, were awarded to Solvia by Thecam, Arco 2000 Terrenos and Edificaciones.  (…).

Banco Sabadell´s a spokesperson highlights that the operation not only will be beneficial for DHL but also for the municipality of Quer and surroundings. (…).



Original article: Expansión (J. Zuloaga)

Translation: AURA REE