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Saba Wins 23.000 Parking Spaces at Adif´s Railway Stations

Saba, a parking operator, together with preliminary award of parking lots at Adif´s railway stations has received a new boost in Spain. The largest contract in the country, 22.900 spaces on 72 parking lots of 51 stations, was at stake.  Among many other places, there are spaces in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville.

The company owned by LaCaixa offered 141 millions for 10-year award, an amount that excelled the estimated budget of 136 millions. Saba outbidded 4 other firms, 3 of which have not managed to present their offers (Empark, Interparking, an alliance of Estacionamientos and Servicios-Continental Parking) and Isolux, which fought against Saba in the final bidding.

The 72 parkings´ annual revenues reach 30 million Euros and perfectly fit in Saba´s model to enter the award. Apart from parking space, the tenant (…) could also offer carwash or electrical charge.

Owned by Salvador Alemany and Josep Martínez Vila, Saba (separated from Albertis in 2011) (…) signed a management agreement on 14 airports at the Mediterranean area for 42.5 millions in 5 years.

(…) Saba will possess 180.000 parking spaces in 327 different spots.

Source: Cinco Días