Reyna presents the creditor´s meeting for Amrey and Amrey 2002 with a debit side of 80 million Euros.

The voluntary creditor´s meeting has been presented at the mercantile court number 9 in Barcelona without waiting for the four months given to reach an agreement with the creditors to expire, especially with the main one, Sareb, known as the bad bank, as informed today by La Vanguardia.

Reyna, who has been the president of the Association of Developers of Barcelona for more than 30 years, has blamed Sareb for the impossibility of reaching an agreement due to its “total obstruction of the possibility of opening a real negotiation”. The bad bank is the main creditor of the group, with 50 million Euros, originally from the former Bancaja, while the rest of the debt corresponds to other financial institutions and to the Treasury.

According to Reyna, the companies that have started the creditor´s meeting obtained in 2012 a profit of 7 million Euros, an amount that could have been higher if Sareb had allowed the taking on or the extinction of mortgages by those wanting to buy properties.

Banks are the only creditors of Amrey and Amrey 2002, who are up to date in their payments with suppliers, workers and Social Security. The main assets of both companies are located in Barcelona, on the plot of the former Bayer factory, in Ibiza, Mollet and Esparreguera.

Source: Expansión