Restalia to Open 250 New Restaurants & Grow by 50%

22/01/2014 – Expansion

Restaurant group Restalia, owner of 100 Montaditos, La Sureña and TGB, has set ambitious plans for this year. Precisely, the group managing over 400 franchises is going to open 650 operative restaurants more in 2014, thanks to investment that will allow its growth by 50%.

“Even though the 2013 has been a difficult year, we are satisfied with the results: 100 new openings and a 20% revenue upsurge. This year we foresee a 50% growth and 250 new premises globally, in Europe and America”, says Virginia Donado, the chairwoman of Restalia.

Last year, the 100 Montaditos owner earned €175 millon, juxtaposed with €146 millon in 2012; while the investment climbed by 25%, up to 28 millones. (…).

After opening first 100 Montaditos in Rome and the New York, Restalia will open another 70 in America, (…) for example in Chile.

New Brand

What is more, Restalia is likely to launch a new brand, (…) 100M Gallery (…) that right now is being installed in El Corte Inglés in Sevilla, and the next week it will appear in Marbella.

In Spain, most of the new openings will be of La Sureña (about 70), 55 restaurants of 100 Montaditos, 40 of TGB and 15 of 100M Gallery. (…).

Original article: Expansión (Rocío Ruiz)

Translation: AURA REE