Rental Prices of Premises Around Sagrada Familia Reach 70 €/SQM

25/04/2014 – Inmodiario

Trading premises in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood of Barcelona have got 100% occupancy. In fact, according to Cat Real Estate, more and more square meters are being constructed to meet increasing demand.

Both luxury and low-cost brands rough-and-tumble to take a place in vecinity of the Basilica of the Holy Family that enjoys tremendous tourist flow. There, rental prices level-up and sometimes even exceed other trendy spots, like the Rambla Catalunya Street. In case of fine-façade buildings, leasing a commercial space may cost up to €70 a square meter.

“Restaurants occupy 50% of the total of premises, followed by souvenir shops (24%) and jewellery shops (9%)”, says Nacho Castella, director of Cat Real Estate.

La Sagrada familia is located in the heart of Barcelona and the iconic church found in there has become one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. Throughout 2013, 3.176.970 tourists visited the unfinished temple, out of which 60% were European. Nearly one third of all visitors (32%) came from Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy or France. Among Spanish tourists, around 3.3% were Catalonian and 10% arrived from other parts of Spain.



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