Real Estate Industry Helps to Cut Unemployment in Spain

3/12/2014 – El Mundo

Spanish unemployment November data compiled by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security showed that construction and agriculture industries provided 9.065 and 8.580 jobs respectively. The tertiary sector, on the other hand, only deepened the rate by dismissing 8.940 workers.

After three consecutive months of increase in the jobless rate, the second-to-last month of the year brought optimistic news to the labour market. Namely, 14.688 unemployed got hired (51.308 in non-seasonal terms) during a month that is not usually particularly good for getting a job. Public employment services, though, still registers more than 4.5 million of jobless people in Spain, more than it was when the current Government came to power in 2012 (then: 4.4 million).

In the meanwhile, the Social Security allocated 5.232 new numbers, 16.695.752 taxpayers in total.

From November 2013, employment improved by 25%. The 91.5% of all job agreements signed in the eleventh month were of temporary (1.267.783), and the 8.5% of permanent sort (111.586). Almost half of these represented part-time jobs.

By regions, the rate fell in 11 of them, led by Andalusia (9.571 unemployed less), the Valencian Community (6.763) and Catalonia (5.481). Unfortunately, it went up in the six remaining regions, most in the Balearic Islands (8.798) and Galicia (4.588).

New social security number applications flooded Andalusia and the Valencian Community with 32.438 and 26.717 new contributors respectively. Registries in the Balearic Islands lost 63.517 workers.

When it comes to areas where people found employment in November, education ranks first after hiring 24.568 unemployed, followed by Public Administration and Defense (20.569) and construction (10.738). The last industry, one of the most battered by the recession, seems to be gradually recovering.


Original article: El Mundo (by Isabel Munera)

Translation: AURA REE