Real estate bargain: the State puts 15.100 properties on sale.

Target: to balance the public accounts. The State wishes to cash up with the sale of 15.100 properties until 2015. Among them there are historic buildings such as the former headquarters of the National Share Market Commission (NSMC) or the studios of the Spanish Public Television at Paseo de la Habana, in Madrid; but there are also more than 8000 properties scattered around Spain. There are rural properties (4832), offices (126), plots (382), homes (1869, plus the 6906 from the Ministry of Defense), apartment buildings (61), trade premises (805), industrial buildings (19), garages (16) or unique buildings (98).

The target of income for the State with these sales is still unknown. The Exchequer stands out as well some historic buildings, such as Naval General Hospital Nuestra Señora del Carmen, located at Arturo Soria Street, 270 in Madrid, as well as the former headquarters of the NSMC (in Madrid, at Paseo de la Castellana, 19 and the old Buñuel studios of the Public Radio and Television (at Paseo de la Habana, 75, also in Madrid). “Those properties, such as some flats or trade premises, which are currently rented, might be sold preferentially to the current tenants”, the Exchequer declared in a statement.

This sale initiative of real estate assets is included in the report of the Commission of Reform of the Public Administrations and covers the patrimony of the main managers of the State: the Cultural Heritage Commission, the Housing Institute, Infrastructure and Equipment of the Defense, Infrastructure and Equipment for Security Management, Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, General Treasury of the Social Security and the companies within the Group (the Postal Service and SEPIDES).

In any case, the Government assures that this is not a final list and that it is possible to extend it and reduce it, “if the reuse of certain buildings that were originally destined for sale is decided”.

Source: Expansión