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Quabit Acquires 6 Plots Of Land In Málaga & Guadalajara

8 May 2017 – Valencia Plaza

Quabit Inmobiliaria has completed the purchase of six new plots of buildable land, four in Málaga and two in the Corredor del Henares (Alovera, Guadalajara), spanning more than 30,000 m2, on which it plans to build 365 homes. The real estate company is expected to generate turnover amounting to €68 million from these new developments.

In this way, the property developer chaired by Félix Abánades is continuing to fulfil its strategic business plan. These new acquisitions come after Quabit purchased two other plots, also in the Corredor area, just a month ago, for the construction of another 300 homes.

Quabit’s growth plan includes investments in land with the objective of completing more than 4,000 homes between now and 2021. This year alone, the company plans to build around 1,500 homes, and to date, it has started work on 42% (629 homes) of the total residential properties forecast for 2017.

Quabit plans to make more investments to develop between 800 and 1,000 homes over the coming months, primarily in Madrid, Corredor del Henares and the Costa del Sol.

El Cañaveral, Málaga

Quabit has purchased four plots of land in the El Cañaveral area, south of Puerto de la Torre, in Málaga capital, where there has been a clear reactivation of the new build market, due primarily to a shortage of stock. In total, almost 26,000 m2 of buildable land for the construction of 209 high-rise homes and 42 family homes, with a forecast turnover of €47 million. The company plans to put these properties on the market in July.

Corredor del Henares

In parallel, Quabit has bought two other buildable plots of land in the Las Suertes Ciudad Jardín, the best urbanisation in the Corredor del Henares. On the first plot, the company will build 72 high-rise homes; and on the second plot, it will construct 24 family homes. In total, it has bought more than 14,000 m2 of buildable land for the construction of these two new developments, which will go on the market in less than a month, with a forecast turnover of €20.6 million. The Las Suertes complex will have 200,000 m2 of green space, 10 km of cycle paths, 53,000 m2 of pedestrian walkways, large avenues and high-quality residential developments.

Original story: Valencia Plaza

Translation: Carmel Drake