Q2 2014: Spain Takes the Lead in Construction Growth in Europe

21/08/2014 – Expansion

The European Union´s statistics office Eurostat´s estimations based on the second quarter data on construction advance, suggest that Spain scored best with a nearly 7% growth measured from April to June.

Moreover, Spain took the fourth position in terms of year-on-year construction in June with a 6.8% increase.

However, in the month-on-moth comparison the country performs poor with a 2.9% fall over May, the second major decline among all the member countries.

In the entirety of the EU, the construcction fell by 0.2% compared to May figures, whereas in the eurozone it declined by 0.7%. Decrease in first was pulled down by a decline in building construction (-0.5%) and civil engineering (-0.2%), while the other experienced falls of 0.9% and 0.5% respectively.

The countries that saw the most acute contraction in the second quarter were: Hungary (-7.5%), Spain (-2.9%), Romania (-2.6%) and Slovakia (-2.3%). On the contrary, construction blossomed in Poland (2.7%), Germany (1.2%), the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom (1.1% in both).

In year-on-year terms, the production of the construction dipped down by 0.5% in the EU and by 2.4% in the eurozone. The first figure has been affected by a 0.5% fall in building construction and a 2.7%% one in civil engineering, whilst the other by 2% and 3.4% downturns, respectively.

Eurostat calculates that, year-on-year, the construction sector decayed in Romania (13.1%), Portugal (10.3%), Slovakia (5%) and the Netherlands (3.5%), while it rose in Slovenia (28.7%), Hungary (9.8%), Poland (8%) and Spain (6.8%).


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