Q1 2014: the Number of Finished Houses Shrinks 20.6%

9/06/2014 – La información

According to the Ministry of Development data compiled by Servimedia, in the first quarter of 2014, 12.750 dwellings were finished. In comparison to the same period in 2013 (16.051 units), their number diminished by 20.6%. 

Out of 2014 total, 98.7% (12.589 houses) corresponded to private developers, while 1.3% (161) to public administrations. If compared to 2013 figures, contruction works carried out by the first declined 21.1% contrasting with the 80.8% rise in case of the other.

Among the private developers, 6.496 houses were finished by trading companies (YOY -26%), 4.405 by legal persons and associations of housing owners (-24.4%) and 1.108 by co-ops (-11.8%). Moreover, 580 final certificates of other type of contruction were signed by private developers.

In turn, the total value of the construction material used at the building sites fell by 17.2% in the first quarter and stood at around €1.7 billion.

The number of finished homes in Spain maintains the declining tendency which began 6 years ago.


Original article: La Información

Translation: AURA REE