The purchase of properties increases in January by 18.9 % accumulating two months of increases.

These statistics are prepared with the information provided by property registries, reflecting those operations which were closed one or two months before. This shows that the “pull effect” sought after ending the tax benefits on the purchase of properties at the end of 2013 has taken place.

These figures do not show the real impact these measures may have had in January.

The year-to-year advance in January, the second in a row after the increase of 2,3% in December, has been caused by new and second hand properties, even though the operations on these last ones have increased slightly more.

The purchase of second hand properties increased by 25,1% in January, reaching 19.447 operations, while those for new properties increased by 13,5%, with 20.223 transactions.

Most of the properties transferred during the first month of the year, 87,8%, were free properties. The purchase of this type of properties increased by 21,4%, up to 34.831 operations, while the operations on protected properties reached 4839, with an increase of 3,8% in reference to January 2012.

On a monthly scale (January to December) the purchase of properties boosted by 68,6%, its greatest increase since 2009.

Source: Expansión