Properties continue to gush from Banks.

The financial institutions continue their active sales policy which has made them the most important real estate companies in the country.

Banco Santander placed 2800 properties only between July and September. And Sabadell has closed nearly 5000 (4868), speeding up its pace of commercialization of the first half of the year. The financial institution presided over by Emilio Botín, accumulates more than 11800 sales in 2013, as it had participated in 9000 until June through its real estate subsidiary, Altamira Santander Real Estate. However, these numbers are inferior to those achieved in 2012 (33500), which could be the first sign of decongestion of the real estate sector. The managing partner of Santander, Javier Marín, does not dismiss the idea of selling this subsidiary “if there are good opportunities” because “the business of the bank is not to sell properties”.

Banco Sabadell has sold 12615 properties in 2013, 63% more than in the same period in 2012 – where he transferred a total of 13777 units – The Catalan bank has described the pace of activity of its real estate subsidiary, Solvia, as “much higher than the market´s”.

For the moment, the operations in the current year have provided earnings for 1909 million Euros. Its net real estate exposure reaches 9575 million Euros. As informed by Europa Press, the managing partner of Banco Sabadell, Jaume Guardiola, has declared that the target for this year is to reach 16000 transferred properties (17% more than in 2012) for 2600 million Euros (+16%).