President of Vía Célere, Juan Antonio Gómez Pintado, Resigns

2 July 2019 – Richard D. K. Turner

Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, the Chairman and CEO of Vía Célere, announced his resignation from the company.  The decision came shortly after the firm completed its merger with Aelca. The current CFO of the group, Ignacio Morales, will take his place as CEO, while Värde Partners’ point man for the European real estate market, Francisco Milone, will assume the presidency.

Vía Célere is a benchmark for the sector, with a gross asset value of €2.2 billion, with a land bank of more than 24,000 units and more than 2,500 homes delivered. It has a presence throughout much of Spain, including Madrid (38%), Malaga (22%), Barcelona (10%), Seville (8%), and Valencia (6%), among others.

Original Story: El Confidencial – Ruth Ugalde