Planeta Negotiates the Opening of its Own University in Madrid

Grupo Planeta has held meetings with the Ministry of Science, Universities and Innovation of the Community of Madrid in recent weeks to try to push ahead with its project to launch its own private university in Madrid, according to El Confidencial.

The project unveiled by the editorial group has been returned by the Ministry, which is presided over by the Citizens’ Minister, Eduardo Sicilia, “so that it can be amended” and so that a series of aspects that prevent the administration from granting its approval can be “fixed”. Sources at the Ministry have explained that there will be no problem authorising the project as soon as the requested requirements have been arranged.

It was Ángel Garrido who suspended the project during his mandate. Now, with Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the helm of the Community of Madrid, meetings with the Minister of Universities have accelerated. In the last legislature, three new universities were approved: Cunef, Esic and the International University of Villanueva.


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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake