Old Hotel Madrid Seeks New Owner

18/02/2014 – El Mundo

The shut down building at the number 10 of the Carretas Street in the capital once have been the Hotel Madrid. The emblematic establishment shares structure with the Teatro Albéniz. Moreover, its beams, façade and an excellent location (just a few steps from the “zero kilometer”) both buildings bear “on sale” boards, hanged recently by the real estate of Kutxabank, Neinor Ibérica.

Although both share also the same owner, only the Hotel Madrid one is receiving offers and some of them are very interesting. (…). They fell into Kutxabank´s hands together with other unpaid mortgage assets. Their previous owner, Monteverde Grupo Inmobiliario, entered in a tender in 2010. (…).

Neinor Ibérica will not renovate the buildings but will try to sell them in the present state. The property is not intended for any specific use and the 4.000 square meter space will be at disposal of new owner.

In case of the Teatro Albéniz, the most plausible possibility is that the property will still serve as a theatre due to urban development restrictions as (…) it has been declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest in January 2013.

Last Stop Before 11-S

In its time, the Hotel Madrid appeared in the FBI reports on the suspects of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers on 11th September 2001. Six days before the attacks, Yemeni Ramzi Binalshibh, one of the three main organizators of the assault (the two others were Mohammed Atta and Osama Bin Laden), had stayed in the room number 106 of the hotel. The jihadist  terrorist spent his time in the capital on falsifying documents which would allow him to fleed to Afghanistan.

Original article: El Mundo (Daniel J. Ollero)

Translation: AURA REE