Office Buildings for Sale and Rent Within the M-30 Ring Road

The zone covers 50.7 square meters or 8.4% of the total extention of the capital. It is the very center of Madrid and the M-30 determines the zone´s outreach. It is also where the majority of companies desire to settle in.

Before the crisis, prices soared so much that many of them had to abandon the zone, moving towards the perypheries. (…).

In the center there are over 400 empty buldings and more than 500 building lots. A research made by the San Pablo University in Madrid (CEU) estimated that the value of the real estate assets is equal to 12,000  million Euros, with an extention of 630,000 square meters, which is half of the space covered by the Retiro Park.

(…). Many of the assets require a reform, but if you think of changing your premises location, you should know that many buildings are practically new, equipped with office furniture and all the amenities.

The price for a square meter has dropped significantly by about 40% since 2008, however not so much in the prime zones which resisted the crisis´s impact. The experts claim that the non-residential sector has reached the bottom and they augur the 2014 as a year marked by changes.

Source: Expansión