The Number of Evictions Decreases for the First Time Since 2009

The judicial proceedings conducted the real estate sector continue to show signs of truce. In the first three quarters of the year the number of evictions with positive compliance, both for the mortgage and renting, has reduced by 20.1% in comparison with the same period a year earlier, according to the data collected by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

(…) Since 2009, the number of evictions conducted successfully was going up from 29% (2009) to 45,3% (2010), then down by 24,6% (2011) and until 13,9% in 2012.

The 49.984 evictions conducted by the judges of first instance by the third quarter, the number reduced from 19.468 in the first quarter, 18.077 in the second down to 12.439 in the third one.

Out of 50.000 evictions of the first three quarters of the year, 37.9%  (18.956) foreclosures and 57.8%  (28.912) are the result of the lack of rental payment.

Apart from the evictions, the foreclosures at the first instance courts also fall by 13.7% according to the same period last year.


Source: El Mundo