New Works Approvals Fall by 23.3% in 2013

27/02/2014 – Expansion

In 2013, 33.869 units were granted new works approvals for residential use across Spain. This implies reduction of  23.3% in comparison with the previous year (44.162 units).

The number links seven years of unstoppable slump. To illustrate that, 865.561 approvals were handed over in 2006, meaning 96% more than the score of 2013. (…).

According to the data made public this week by the Ministry of Development chaired by Ana Pastor, 22.538 of the approvals corresponded to blocks of flats (year-on-year fall by 23.8%), while 11.315 to single-family houses (-22%).



Original article: Expansion (Servimedia)

Translation: AURA REE