New Rental Assistance Program In Effect Today: Who May Apply?

4/12/2014 – Expansion

Today opens the acceptance period for applications for the rental, building rehabilitation and town regeneration and renovation assistance program, included in the Government’s Housing Scheme for years 2013-2016.

Previous reform dating back at July 4th 2013, prolonged all rights to the help of that time ‘until new program comes into force’. Once amended, the document elaborated by the Ministry of Public Works and various regional authorities includes a 40% support for rents which do not exceed 600 euros monthly and 2.400 euros annually.

Moreover, beneficiaries of the new basic income support (Renta Basica de Emancipacion in Spanish) can apply when their previously indicated validity period is over.

Furthermore, tenants whose personal income is lower than three times the Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income (known as Iprem in Spain) would show, are eligible for the program in line with their households’ composition. The assistance is given for a year and it could be extended until the end of the Plan, i.e. 2016.


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Translation: AURA REE