Neinver Increases Sales by 11% & Earns €1.045 Million

12/03/2014 – ExpansionPro

Neinver, Spanish real estate company specialized in outlet management, closed the year 2013 with sales that resulted in €1.045 million revenue. That means an 11% appreciation in respect to the previous year.

The company chaired by José María Losantos manages its 15 shopping centers throught two brands: Factory and The Style Outlets. In 2013, these centers brought by 16% higher income thanks to having been visited by 55 million people.

In terms of national markets, Spain (where Neinver has got five shopping centers and one under construction in Barcelona) registered an increase of 6%, while the rest of Europe´s accumulated sales showed an 11% growth to €863.5 million.

In France solely, where the company set up one shopping mall, revenues rose by 38%.



Original article: ExpansiónPro (R. R., Miércoles 12 de Marzo 2014, pp 9)

Translation: AURA REE